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Transforming my 60 sq ft NYC apartment office into a greeting card dream workspace

The office got a refresh, and I am LOVING it. I wanted to give you a peek into the process and links to the shelves I found. I've wrestled with this office for years, and I think we've finally landed on something that combines both form and function. (praise lol)

+ To start, here are the specs:

10 ft x 6 ft (yes, it's tiiiiiiiny)

One built-in closet

Previously housed a twin bed, but it was finally time to let it go in order to maximize card storage space

+ You may remember my last attempt to squeeze storage space out of the closet (while desperately trying to keep the bed)

I had Tommy install these shelves, which were wonderful, but I quickly out grew them.

+ I decided to go all-in and make this space a true workspace

We floated the idea of moving for a while, but after much discussion, we decided to hang here for another year. That being the case, I knew I finally needed to commit to this office as my workspace. Meaning: shelving

I bought this IVAR shelf from IKEA earlier in the year (seen below), and loved the idea of ordering new shelves from the same collection.

+ And here is the space with the new three-section version

+Aaaaand the final product

I shared the details of my shipping station, printing station, and backstock closet over on Instagram! You can find those clips in my BTS highlight ;)

xoxo, jess

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