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Peek inside my story...

My husband and I were married in August, and he was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in October. My career as a musical theatre actor was put on hold while I cared for him through treatment and surgery. I knew I was ready for a change, but wasn't sure what I was seeking.

I started working in a local gift shop part-time to help with medical expenses and fell in love with the world of paper goods and greeting cards. With no art or design background, I decided to design a line of greeting cards for the cancer community. Better + Co. grew from cards to all sorts of resources and gifts to support those impacted by cancer. I designed a planner to help track medical appointments and sold almost 5,000 within the year.


Although I started my business with no experience, money, or mentors, I grew to become a top 1% Etsy seller. I took my shop from zero to full-time in less than six months and have seen growth every month since. I was most proud of building something that I could run from home while caring for my husband.

I started a second shop, Five Dot Post, and decided to start sharing what I had learned about growing a business and becoming an entrepreneur. I created my podcast "xoxo, jess", and my online course, "The Card Maker Business Course" to encourage and inspire other cardmakers and entrepreneurs. I had my first 100k year.

I am currently expanding both my businesses into the wholesale market. You can shop Five Dot Post in 200 shops across the country!


Ways to work with me

Online Course

Dreams of starting your own greeting card business, but no idea where to start?

For the card maker looking for the ultimate step-by-step guide to take their greeting card business from an idea to 30 days or less.

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