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Valentines 2023 Release.png
Valentines 2023 Release.png
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story + name

I started designing cards after my husband's cancer diagnosis in 2017. I wanted to create cards that used our motto, "laughter is the best medicine" to support the cancer community. My business, Better + Co., grew to include cards for all seasons and became Five Dot Post in 2021. When Tommy had to have radiation for the first time in 2017, he had to get five tattoo dots on his chest for the procedure. I thought it was only fair for me to have to get five tattoo dots too. The five dots on my arm have since been a daily reminder that although Tommy is the one in treatment, this is our fight. When I started my second card shop a few years back, I didn't know what it might become one day, but I knew I wanted to build in upon deep love, support, and connection, thus, Five Dot Post was born.⁠

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To keep you connected during the good, bad, and messy moments of life.


Our designs are relatable, funny, and just hit differently. We use high-quality materials that let your recipients know you care.


A portion of all profits is given to esophageal cancer research.


Five Dot Post cards in Asia with Peeba!

wholesale inquiry

Order FAIRE wholesale through the submission at the top of the page.

Don't have Faire? I got you! Send me a message and I'll get your order together for you directly.

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