Season 1 Ep 40: Q&A with Jess, your questions answered! Part 1

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

This week on the xoxo, jess Podcast I am responding to commonly asked questions that I have received from all of you on Instagram. We are talking about selling on Etsy, sourcing supplies, setting and crushing goals, and more! I can't wait for you to tune in and make sure you check back in for Part 2! Listen to the episode above, on iTunes HERE, or read the transcription below.

Episode Transcription:

Jessica Walker

Welcome back to xo xo Jess, where we dive deep into the world of greeting cards, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and the mindset tools needed to start creating the business of your dreams today. I'm Jessica Walker, your host here with another Wednesday episode. And this Wednesday is a solo episode. We've been doing a lot of interviews here on xo, xo, j. s, which have been awesome. And I have a lot more coming to you. But I wanted to switch it up today a little bit.

To answer a few questions that I've been getting on Instagram, I did a little story question thing to send me your questions that you had. And I copy those down? And I'm going to answer them here today. I haven't really looked at them. I wanted it to be a little off the cuff. So I'm going to answer as it feels fit in the moment. But I am excited to share what I've learned I this has been a big Well honestly like the last 12 months have been a huge learning year for me. And I feel like I have grown so much and my business has grown so much I if you follow me on Instagram, you saw I've hired my first team member on the VA, which has been amazing. And I'm looking to start hiring the next. And that's so wild. And this has been just me in essentially a closet for so long. And I just like it sometimes you just like wake up and you're like, how did I get here? It's so crazy. Because if you're new to my story, you know that I didn't start doing this till like less than three years ago, I was an actor, musical theater actor for my entire 20s. And I started this not too long ago and just fell fast and hard for greeting cards and entrepreneurship and the world of personal development. And so much has changed. And I just am excited to share what I've learned if that's something that is exciting to you, too, and that you're also pursuing. So I'm going to answer some of your questions. And if you guys like this kind of episode, let me know. And I can do more more of them. But let's just start with a couple I'm think I've pulled like five questions. So let's just go through them. Um, the first question, how do you see like a pro?

I guess like anyone technically has on a on Etsy selling stuff is a pro. So you're Pro, but how do you see like a pro so kind of my go to Etsy tips. I always do it as he tells me to do. That may seem a little odd. But it's one of those things where Etsy is constantly tweaking, they're trying to make things better for the customers experience for the sellers experience. New SEO trends are happening, they update the way they do something and I have just followed what they recommend. Pretty much to a tee, they send newsletters pretty often. Like I do all of the beta things or they send in they're like, do you want to beta test this feature? I always say yes. And specifically, last year when they made like the widespread. Ama said please, that's not the right word recommendation for you to include the shipping with your price so that it was shipping included pricing, or like free shipping. What however you want to look at it. There was a lot of pushback from the sellers. And I just said, You know what, I'm just gonna go for it. And I was an early adopter. And it really, really helped my business by traffic went up. And I see rewards what they want to be seeing from the seller. So look at the Etsy Handbook, look at these Etsy trend reports, look at these things. And, of course, stay true to yourself and don't do anything that doesn't feel authentic to your business or goes against your values. But I mean, it's it's not a lot of tweaks that they recommend. I mean, these things aren't huge, huge things. It's just like things that you have to keep up with. So I would say just keep your shop updated and relevant with what's new and recommended for Etsy. I would also say, you know, like, it's a it's a slow process. And it's one of those things where it can feel really overwhelming because you're like, everything I look at every single blog post starts with like, if you google like how to make my Etsy shop better how to get more sales on Etsy, the first thing is going to be better pictures. And yeah, that is it's just because these things are it's like their true. It's like you want to not have to go through all the work of all of these things. I don't even use pictures I use mock ups but I got better mockups. I read things that the CEO, the CEO, the SEO needed to be different or better or I needed to change my longtail keywords to long term teleki words but shorter titles. And it's like it's one of those things where I recommend starting with your least viewed listings, you don't want to mess up stuff that's working and SEO takes time to kind of like get momentum once you make a change. So I wouldn't make a change to your SEO, make a change to your titles, tags, photos, and expect to see something like the next day, it could be a month before you really see that trend based on the train the change that you made. So yeah, take your time. Don't do everything all at once. I wouldn't do an entire shop overhaul overnight to see what's working and what's not. I would like what, like I said, I normally will pick like the least viewed or the least purchase listings and tweak those first because I know there's room for growth. And then if that really works, then I'll adjust it to my better, better viewed and better sold listings. So yeah, that's what I recommend for seeing like a pro. Okay, where to find quality? plastic sleeves and supplies for your cards? Oh, plastic sleeves, yay or nay? And if Yay, where do you get them? Does the question. So question number two. plastic sleeves. Okay. So there's obviously like, just worldwide in our generation wide, there's a trend towards going more eco friendly. So I understand the question about plastic sleeves is a bigger question. In general, yes, plastic sleeves are a thing, people like to make sure that their purchases are protected, that they're going to make it safely, particularly if you're selling to wholesale. So you're selling to stores that are going to then sell your cards, they do expect them to be in plastic sleeves. I was recently in a kind of mastermind group with women who are specifically we were there to learn about wholesaling. And they were saying a lot of shops are pushing back about people who have removed the plastic sleeves. Because if someone picks up their card in the shop, and it gets a fingerprint on it, they can't sell it anymore. So it's like kind of an investment. Danger or risk by not having the sleeves. If you're selling your own cards to your customer, you can do whatever you want. It's, it's up to you, it's your customer, it's your you set the tone. If you're selling to retail stores, and you're trying to wholesale your cards, it's a little bit of a different story. We're actually talking about that in the card maker mastermind this month, all of the industry standards that are expected or are common in wholesaling. But

anyways, so that's Yeah, that's classic sleeves. Yes, and no. So the no would be people who are wanting to be more eco friendly, there are a lot of different options. You don't have to do plastic sleeves, you can do biodegradable cellos, you can do belly bands, you can do paper envelopes, like, it really can look like a lot of different things. And as the world is seeking more eco frie