Season 1 Ep 47: Chat With a Card Maker: Kiki Gunn

This week on the xoxo, jess Podcast This week I’m talking to Kristy Gunn. She is a graphic designer originally from the UK now living in beautiful rural France. She specializes in design for greeting cards and art prints. Her shop, Kiki Gunn, has a very unique design style and loves to create pieces that are bold and a little cute, sexy and fun. Listen in as we talk about her journey from the music industry into making greeting cards, designing across cultures and languages, and more! Listen to the episode above, on iTunes HERE, or read the transcription below.

Episode Transcription:

Jessica Walker

Welcome back to xo xo jest where we dive deep into the world of greeting cards, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and the mindset tools needed to start creating the business of your dreams today. I'm Jessica Walker, your host here with another Wednesday episode and this week I am talking to Christy Gunn of Kiki gun. She's a graphic designer originally from the UK, now living in beautiful rural France and she specializes in designs for greeting cards and art prints. She has a gorgeous, unique style that I am obsessed with. It's just it's cool. It's bold, it's fun, it's sexy. It's I just love it. You're going to have to look it up right after this. And I'm just really excited to dive into this conversation and get to know one of our other international sellers who's inside of the card maker mastermind. So here bringing you another chat with the cardmaker this week. Welcome Christy. Hello. Hi. So excited to have you here.

I wish you guys could see Christy's room that she's in. It's absolutely gorgeous. There's like it's just how I picture France looking like this gorgeous floral wallpaper.

Kristy Gunn

I'm just is it just so lovely living there. It's a little cold. I got to say third floor. That sounds actually I've just said we have three floors. Yes, we have on the top floor has no heating or anything. So yeah, I put stuff up to make it look nice. But when it's not Sunny, I'm up here in many layers. Family members who call me who just go Wow. So it's lovely. That it can be very cold. So yes, I see that. I feel that

Jessica Walker

so Christie let's just dive straight in and start at the beginning. So start a little with your background what got you into the greeting card world? Have you always been into art and design? What got you here?

Kristy Gunn

Yeah, it's weird actually, having said that I was going to be doing this. I'm like, Well, yeah, I do have like, quite a journey into it. But um, where do you start with music I'm was obsessed with music and music videos as a kid, and design and color and like an 80s kid. So like, pop neon Suzi quatro any stuff like that was you know, even I think I was obsessed with backfields for a year if anyone from England knows who that is like, but anything Poppy and colorful and bright. And didn't necessarily I didn't find it anthropology at university, wow, kind of material culture and sociology, ethnographic film, blah, blah, blah. But I ended up doing my dissertation on Britpop, like understanding differences between like north and south of England and Blair and Oasis and stuff, and interviewed lots of people with magazines and TV and stuff. And then I ended up being a runner and working in film and advertising and work for an advertising agency and then decided that I wanted to go make music videos, which is what I randomly did for six years. And my job I went in as a production person to produce because I'd been producing the TV ads and stuff and doing, you know, helping understand studios that and the person who I worked with, like, I think you'd be really good at working with directors on ideas. I'm like, What is that a job? Like? So you actually sit with the other directors, you listen to retrack and you come up with they come up with ideas, and then you just tell them if would work or not? Or like go for you know, is that what you're doing for yourself? Are you doing for the band or when I did that job for six years, like my job was to go and have coffee with directors and come up with ideas for music videos, listen contracts, and then like, yeah, so I did that for six years. And I moved to LA with my lovely husband who I met. He was a producer did like some awesome music videos.

And so we went to LA to follow his director who is working with DPI, just big properties and stuff. And I worked at a French company called parties and you had like Michel Gondry, and some really awesome directors were in food, who's like, one of my favorite directors ever was there when I and he still is he doesn't like Daft Punk videos and all that sort of stuff. So it was always it's always been visuals and music, and I feel very lucky to have gone on that journey. But while I was there,

I did pitches for directors. So like, a job would come in for either a music video or commercial, and then I would help develop the idea with the directors. And then from there I started developing my graphic design skill did a graphic design course. I'm started deciding that I wanted to do stuff that was mine, not for other people. No, not that. I did it all for them. But I did a lot of writing then as well. But I just wanted something that was mine like that reflected me. And I started doing cards, designing greeting cards and finding a style because I think the directors I used to love working with the most were the ones whose style I liked the most. And it all started coming together. And then I quite like funny things. And I found like commercials with a little everyone took themselves a bit. See, it's not everyone, but it was quite serious. And I just wanted something that was a bit more like me a bit more like my friends. And a bit simpler and a bit just something entirely controlled by me. Goodbye directed for about a year, I was not very good at it because I'm tolerant. And, and too many people got involved, you know, stylists and stuff. And then it never ended up being what I wanted it to be. And but cards and art prints and design is exactly who you are what you are. And it's up to you to either make it something that you would want to buy, you know, like if you if you don't like it don't

Because I look at lots of stuff now. And I'm learning that being on your course I'm lea