Our love story timeline <3

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

To start, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have found my soul mate so early in life. Tommy is everything I've ever wanted in a partner, and I am just so dang in love with him. Now, let's roll it way back....

+ 2009 University of Alabama

Tommy and I met on the first day of school at the University of Alabama. We were both Musical Theatre majors in a class of twelve. He loves to share that I don't actually remember meeting him, which is a tiny bit true. HOWEVER, he quickly became one of my very best friends, so even if I don't remember moment numero uno, I remember everything after.

+ 2011 Birmingham, Alabama

Tommy took me out on our first date and made sure to put Diet Coke and a box of Wheat Thins under the seat so I wouldn't get too hungry before our late reservation. A guy who can not only handle hangry but prevents it? I mean... a great start. He still hides Diet Coke and Wheat Thins under my seat anytime we go on a road trip.

+ 2015 Puerto Rico

Tommy proposed in Puerto Rico on a balcony overlooking the ocean. It was so dark I couldn't see the ring, so he scooted back (still on one knee) into a floodlight. I said yes before he opened the box.

+ 2017 Atlanta, GA

We had a big, beautiful southern wedding near my parent's home in Georgia. It was absolutely dreamy, and I still get weepy thinking about it. We had the brilliant